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Knowing when and how best to apply for permission, or a lawful development certificate, or both, or neither, requires an experienced hand and an ability to think strategically as well as practically. Knowing which battles to pick, and how to pick them, is all-important. There is no point in a perfect set of drawings if the application they pertain to is poorly reasoned and researched.

Sometimes an initial refusal can be an excellent starting point, especially if the reasons for refusal are easy to overcome. Sometimes a refusal results from a poor initial application and care needs to be taken second time round to limit the damage and, if possible, wipe the slate clean.

In one recent instance we obtained "deemed consent" because a Local Authority failed to refuse an application for a new house within time. Planning applications and most other applications work on the basis that approval must be obtained, but some applications work on the opposite basis, i.e. that works may go ahead if an application is not refused within a certain time.

The moral is, it pays to know.

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Our specialist team of planning consultants in St Albans offer much more than a supporting role. We also provide loft conversion planning in St Albans where applications are provided and submitted in less than 48 hours! Our time served team of specialists are here to not only offer support and consultancy but we are also able to provide planning permission and designs in St Albans as well.

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