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Welwyn Garden City Planning Permission

The time it typically takes between you calling us and us submitting all plans and forms to the council is less than 48 hours!

How is this possible, without compromising on quality?

In fact, the opposite is true. By drawing everything up at your home, our plans are of better quality, and better reflect your brief and vision.

Planning Permission Applications From Your Welwyn Garden City Home

Firstly the plans are of better quality because any discrepancies (and there are always discrepancies) can be resolved there and then on site. With your permission, Joseph will have generally drawn up the outside of your home before you get up. At a pre-agreed time (as early as possible but typically from 9am) he will then survey the inside of your home and all existing plans will be finished by 12pm.

Secondly, the plans better reflect your brief and vision because you have the rest of the day with an efficient professional to work up the design there and then, whilst it's fresh, and to refine and improve it with professional input. You talk and sketch, Joseph listens, steers and draws everything up on a big screen there and then. Key areas can be checked and ideas explored. This is a far more efficient way of understanding your brief and allowing the vision to evolve into a tangible design. Typically it allows everyone to end the day with an approved set of plans. Forms and paperwork are then completed and lodged the following day.

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Of course there are projects that require more time and reflection and that cannot, or should not, be approved so swiftly. But plenty should. Plenty of jobs stagnate for no good reason. Many architecture practices are littered with "nearly finished" projects that are not growing any fresher as the hours and days pass by. Frankly, what is required is the transparency, discipline and proactivity necessary to finish and submit them already! Amendments can always be made later, but in the meantime there is nothing quite like getting the job submitted and a decision date in the diary.

Planning Permission Designs In Welwyn Garden City By Just Plans

Just Plans Ltd offer a bespoke, planning permission design service in Welwyn Garden City. This unique service allows for us to survey your home, discuss your planning application needs and design your plans all within a few hours.

Not Just Planning Permission, Not Just Welwyn Garden City

Our specialist planning permission & designs team offer much more than basic planning permission and designs for your home. We also provide loft conversion planning in Welwyn Garden City where applications are provided and submitted in less than 48 hours!

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